Acrylic Pouring Oil for Creating Cells Perfect Flow Pure High Grade Silicone in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Acrylic Pouring Oil for Creating Cells Perfect Flow Pure High Grade Silicone, Acrylic Pouring Flower Strainers 3 Pack.POURING OIL - 100ml/3.3oz Pixiss Acrylic Pouring Oil. Made of 100% silicone for the perfect cells every time. PRECISION TIP - The precision tip allows you to add just the right amount of pouring oil to your acrylic art applications.FOR ACRYLIC ART APPLICATIONS - Perfectly clear colorless. Will not alter the color of your acrylic paint pouring projects. NON-TOXIC - Non-toxic and odorless. No additives, solvents or propellants. 100% pure silicone.POURING STRAINERS - 3 DESIGNS - Each strainer has a unique hole layout that will create a beautiful pattern on your pouring surface. SIZE - Each strainer is between 3" and 5" in size. REUSABLE - These plastic strainers are reusable. Just wash them off after your pour and they are ready for next time. CREATE - Create amazing patterns each time by experimenting with this strainers. COLORS MAY VARY.OIL VISCOSITY - Pixiss pouring oil is fully compatible with any brand and type of art medium used in acrylic fluid art pouring. 1000 cSt Low-Med viscosity.✅ CREATIVE USAGE - Mix the various colors of dye together, pour into the strainer for getting beautiful visual effect, as image showed, it can greatly be applied for creative painting, even dessert making and so on.

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